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Version 1.2 (November 2015):

  • added user calibration support to program values to firmware and automatically retrieve them, can set in GUI
  • misc fixes
  • tabbed options pages

Version 1.1 (August 2015):

  • adding brew support for minute / hourly spreadsheet temp setpoint profiles, this will support Mash and Fermentation temperature processes with the PID updating many many times a second, but the temp setpoint updating per min or per hour, run for weeks.
  • spreadsheets will support seconds, minutes, or hourly setpoints
  • adding color themese
  • adding optional gridlines for graphs
  • default profile buttons to get back to base shipped ramp profiles
  • updated main graph to show sensor type and PID coefficient values in title
  • updated smaller graphs, can now choose K type thermocouple for scrolling graphs
  • added right click context menu on main graph for screen caps and printing a serialized image of the main graph

Version 1.0 (Released May 2015):

  • dry / cure mode
  • reflow mode
  • monitor mode
  • spreadsheet profiles
  • ramp profiles
  • winUSB driver
  • up to 3 sensors and graphs configurable


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