techFX Reflow Controller 1.0

techFX Reflow Controller 1.0


NEW! Calibrated by a NIST certified instrument at 235 deg Celsius!

NEW! User calibration in the software!!

Includes the following:

  • techFX Reflow Controller

  • Oven Tools software for windows

  • Sourcecode for GUI / firmware end user license included
  • Example spreadsheet profile

  • Manual

  • BOM / Schematics


Oven Tools software features:

The Reflow Controller can reflow PCB's, dry components, cure epoxies / plastics, and monitor temperatures with the included Oven Tools windows software.

With Oven Tools you can:

  • Start ramp profiles for reflowing PCB's

  • Use Spreadsheet profiles for super accurate temperature profiles (kester etc)

  • Cure and Dry epoxy and components for hours and hours on scrolling graphs

  • Monitor temperature across all 3 sensors on scrolling graphs

  • Use the PID controller to drive any of up to 3 sensors on the graphs

  • Use K type thermocouple and 10mV/C sensors such as infrared thermocouples from Omega Engineering

  • Read temperatures from 0 through 260 degrees Celsius



Reflow PID Controller hardware features:

A small size with lots of features, can expand and customize.

  • Small 1.75" x 1.75" size

  • Microchip MCU

  • USB 2.0

  • 12 bit ADC with 6 IO mapped to terminal blocks

  • AD597 thermocouple amplifier

  • Oven+ and Fan+ PID driven output

  • Fast PID assembly routines

  • ICSP programming header

  • EEPROM for onboard profile / settings storage

  • low noise 1% voltage regulator






***standoffs not included