January 2016: The Reflow Range controller is going to production soon!

Sneak peak showing a very high temperature reading :-) !!

The Range is based on the MAX31855 chip which gives us fractional output from the full K type thermocouple temperature range!



November 2015: OVEN TOOLS 1.2 IS OUT NOW!!!!

--added user calibration to eeprom and oven tools 1.2 GUI interface for all 3 sensors

--all controllers are shipped calibrated at 235 deg Celsius by a NIST certified instrument

--added tabbed options menus

--misc fixes

--this release includes a necessary firmware 1.2 update for the calibration to work.

--Oven Tools automatically recognizes your firmware version



October 2015: Oven Tools 1.2 is progressing!

We are adding user calibrations to oven tools 1.2!

This update will feature a new firmware version 1.2 as well.

Every temp system should be calibrate with the user thermocouple or other temp sensor added, note this is a linear calibration and is programmed to the controller.

The values are automatically loaded each time oven tools is loaded from the controller.



Oven Tools 1.1 is out and available for download!!


August 2015: Oven Tools 1.1 release it out!

•adding brew support for minute / hourly spreadsheet temp setpoint profiles, this will support Mash and Fermentation temperature processes with the PID updating many many times a second, but the temp setpoint updating per min or per hour, run for weeks.
•spreadsheets will support seconds, minutes, or hourly setpoints
•adding color themese
•adding optional gridlines for graphs
•default profile buttons to get back to base shipped ramp profiles
•updated main graph to show sensor type and PID coefficient values in title
•updated smaller graphs, can now choose K type thermocouple for scrolling graphs
•added right click context menu on main graph for screen caps and printing a serialized image of the main graph


June 2015:    Oven Tools 1.1 update is expected end of this month!

Oven tools 1.1 will feature many updates and some new functionality!

-brew support with profiles running for weeks for fermentation and mash processes

-spreadsheet profiles to support second, minute, and hourly setpoints.

-color themes

-title update for main graph window

-some other minor tweaks and adjustments


May 2015:     Reflow Controller 1.0 is released along with Oven Tools 1.0 !!

The Reflow Controller 1.0 is an advanced PID temperature setpoint controller with advanced windows software.